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Cheers! To your drivers not drink driving

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas parties are on the calendar and the cold and flu season is just beginning.
Of course, most of your drivers know the risks of drink driving, and most will never do it, but it’s vital that they be aware of the risks ahead of the festive season!
Even a small amount of alcohol – well below the legal limit – can hinder the ability to drive safely. It takes several hours for alcohol to disappear from the body; therefore someone who was drinking late the previous evening can still be over the limit while on their way to work.
As a rough guide, it takes the body one hour to rid itself of one unit of alcohol (a strong pint of lager or 250ml glass of wine may contain three units each). Also, the clock starts from when you finish drinking, not when you start!

Those taking prescribed medications shouldn’t be forgotten either, make sure they are informed about the possible effects on their driving and performance at work. Drug driving legislation introduced in 2015 includes restrictions on 16 drugs that carry penalties of a one-year driving ban, a hefty fine and a criminal record.
Licence Bureau is reminding business drivers and fleet operators that with the festive season now in full-swing, compliance should remain top of the agenda.
In-line with the ‘party spirit’ around this time of year, Licence Bureau is advising compliance managers to pay specific attention to alcohol, drug, in-car smartphone use and general fatigue policies. It is specifying utmost clarity relating to these areas and rigorous process in place to manage any unforeseen incidents.
Malcolm Maycock, managing director of Licence Bureau, said, “We want all business drivers and fleet managers to be very aware of how to remain compliant during the festive season. This is not a case of being a ‘party pooper’, it’s a case of allowing people to have a good time, safe in the knowledge they are compliant with company policy, and health and safety legislation.
“It’s particularly important that the areas stigmatised by the festive season are addressed, and clarity is given to each driver within the fleet, and that includes grey fleet drivers too.”
Reiterating the advice to fleet operators, Licence Bureau has introduced a social media campaign of short films themed ‘Help make our roads a safer place for all’, supported by road safety charity Brake. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness around the heightened risk of driver distractions and dangers during the festive season.
Malcolm continued, “Experience tells us our simple, impactful messages resonate deeply with drivers and organisations. If we can help people stop and think, and ultimately help prevent any road traffic incidents over the festive season, then that is a success.”

The campaign covers areas such as alcohol and drugs, use of smartphones and tiredness which all increase the chances of accidents.

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Posted on 15th December 2018 at 8:34 PM

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